Tumblers Win Big at State Championship

Eight Gem City athletes came home as State Champions and 36 of our competitors qualified to advance to Nationals at the 2018 United States Trampoline & Tumbling Association (USTA) Southern Illinois State Championship in Pana, IL on April 22! A total of 39 Gem City tumblers competed at the State meet.

The day was also highlighted by our highest level athlete, Maggie Schutte, winning the USTA Southern Illinois Graduating Senior Scholarship Award. Zeke Cernea, head tumbling team coach and Gem City co-owner, was named Coach of the Year for the 2018 Marge Mazzotti Memorial Award.

USTA National Championships will be held in Florida this June. Find a complete listing of the tumbling State Championship results below the photos. You can also find more information about Gem City’s tumbling and other competitive teams here.

National Qualifiers

Maggie Schutte – Elite 1st🥇
Rylee Mellon – Advanced 1st🥇
John Bohnenblust – Sub-advanced 1st🥇
Randle Guymon – Sub-advanced 1st🥇
Sydney Sherman – Sub-novice 1st🥇
Maurice Silas – Sub-advanced 1st🥇
Olivia Slater – Sub-novice 1st🥇
Eric Smith – Novice 1st🥇
Tallin Sims – Sub-novice 2nd
Haileigh Carlstrom -Sub-novice 2nd
Ayanna Douglas – Advanced 2nd
Madalyn Gibbs – Advanced 2nd
Ashlyn Akerson – Sub-advanced 4th
Madalynn Cookson – Intermediate 5th
Ava Crist – Sub-novice 5th
MaryKate McReynolds – Intermediate 5th
Kenidee Oshner – Sub-novice 5th
Sophia Slater – Intermediate 5th
Alysea Sperber – Sub-novice 6th
Natalie Vonderheide – Intermediate 6th
Ava Gammons – Sub-Novice 6th
Bailey Heller – Sub-Novice 7th
Ashley Leonard – Advanced 7th
Chayse Uhlmeyer – Sub-Novice 8th
Laken Hudnut – Sub-Novice 8th
Jazmyn Lewis – Intermediate 9th
Kylie Rickey – Sub-Novice 9th
Audrey Summers – Intermediate 10th
Ruby Akerson – Novice 11th
Amarra Nelson – Sub-Novice 11th
Kylie Stupavsky – Intermediate 12th
Shelby Westhaus – Novice 12th
Carter Arnold – Sub-Novice 13th
Khloee Hinton – Sub-Novice 13th
Isabella Stupavsky – Intermediate 14th
Ashia Delaine – Novice 15th

Other State Tumbling Results

Kaitlyn Drew – Intermediate 16th
Bella Hanlin – Intermediate 17th
Kilyn Oxley – Sub-Novice 23rd