Level 3 Gymnasts Headed to State in Grayslake

Gem City’s Level 3 gymnastics team has 25 athletes advancing to USAG‘s State Championship. They are coached by Jacob Huff, Hope Huff, Kiki Backoff, and Damon Wilson.

Athletes must have competed 5 to 8 invitational meets through the season, which started in October 2017. They must also earn a minimum score of 34.00 all-around in order to qualify. Gem City’s Level 3 gymnasts practice 2 to 3 times a week for 2.5 hours each workout.

Level 3 State will be head in Grayslake, Illinois, on May 4-6. We’ll report back on their successes here on Gem City’s blog. You can read more about Gem City’s gymnastics program here.

Gem City’s Level 3’s advancing to State:

Faith Alford, 9, Clayton
Caydence Ancelet, 10, Fowler
Chloe Buhrmester, 9, Quincy
Morgan Elston, 11, Quincy
Thea Figge, 8, Quincy
Emma Fleer, 9, Mendon
Chandler John, 9, Liberty
Weslee John, 6, Liberty
Miranda Klingler, 10, Carthage

Kaitlyn Klusman, 9, Quincy
Ally Lefringhouse, 10, Quincy
Rebekah Lovercheck, 9, Hannibal
Anna Martin, 11, Quincy
Shemaya Mixer, 9, Quincy
Sydney Nicholas, 10, Quincy
Sophie Nicosia, 9, Hannibal
Avery Niewohner, 9, Quincy

Claire Obert, 9, Liberty
Makayla Patton, 10, Quincy
Aubrey Pool, 11, Quincy
Savannah Real, 14, Quincy
Olivia Slater, 7, Canton
Carrie Vance, 8, Curryville
Sidney Zimmerman, 11, Hannibal
Gwen Zwick, 9, Quincy