Tumbling Team to attend State- Good Luck!

Gem City’s tumbling team has whopping 37 athletes attending United States Tumbling Association’s (USTA) State meet April 22-23 in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Power tumbling is a sport that competes on an elevated runway where athletes propel their body down the six foot wide and 137 foot long floor as they execute a series of acrobatic skills. (Think flips!) Tumbling focuses exclusively on tumbling skills (no bars, beams, vault, or music), but it’s similar to gymnastics in that each athlete competes in a specific skill level from 1 to 10.

Head coach, Zeke Cernea, said, “It’s been an exciting year. The team is bigger than it’s ever been, and athletes have shown impressive focus, work ethic, and growth.” Each athlete attended a minimum of two and up to six invitational meets throughout the season from November-April.

The coaches for the tumbling team are Zeke Cernea, Lydia Schrand, Laci Heller, and Cameron Shreve. Those that qualify at State will advance on to USTA Nationals June 20-24 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Tumbling Team State Qualifiers:

Ashlyn Akerson (11, Palmyra)
Ruby Akerson (9, Palmyra)
John Bohnenblust (15, Quincy)
Maddy Cookson (12, Golden)
Ayanna Douglas (9, Quincy)
Kaitlyn Drew (11, Quincy)
Madalyn Gibbs (10, Plainville)
Jadyn Green (9, Quincy)
Randle Guymon (15, Keokuk)
Bella Hanlin (12, Quincy)
Ava Heming (9, Liberty)
Madison Jenkins (16, Quincy)
Madison Kauth (15, Kahoka)
Ava Law (10, Carthage)

Ashley Leonard (15, Quincy)
Jazmyn Lewis (11, Quincy)
MaryKate McReynolds (9, Canton)
McKenzee Mellon (8, Quincy)
Rylee Mellon (11, Quincy)
Brooklin Paris (12, Quincy)
Maggie Schutte (17, Quincy)
Bailee Shreve (7, Quincy)
Maurice Silas (16, Quincy)
Tallin Sims (11, Hannibal)
Sophia Slater (8, Canton)
Eric Smith (9, Milton)
Amanda Stephens( 9, Bowen)
Malia Stolte (9, Hannibal)
Isabella Stupavsky (11, Quincy)
Joshua Stupavsky (10, Quincy)
Lauren Stupavsky (18, Quincy)
Kylie Stupavsky (15, Quincy)
Audrey Summers (13, Palmyra)
Natalie Vonderheide (14, Fowler)
Annie Wagner (11, Hannibal)
Claire Westerman (11, Quincy)
Gage Woolen (10, Monroe City)

Good luck, tumblers!

2016-2017 Tumbling Team Gem City tumblers celebrate success!